IG Style Challenge

I haven’t participated in any style challenges for a while, but I loved today’s idea…

Challenge for August 21:

  • #wearwhatwhereaugust // inVESTed


After putting this together I realized everything (except the shoes) came from Stitch Fix! I love (love, love) this utility vest, so I had to do this challenge. Although it’s still humid here, I went for a look I can wear when it cools down. The striped top is super soft and easy to wear. I love the ankle zipper detail on the skinny jeans. Since this is technically my only real statement necklace, it’s usually on repeat in these outfits! Finally, I scored the shoes at Target last month for $8.50 – boom!

Do you follow the utility vest/jacket trend? 

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 19:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE BOLD ITEM
  • #wearwhatwherejune // RED LIP CLASSIC


This little black dress is obviously for special occasions, but it’s the most CLASSIC thing in my closet. I’ve paired it with my favorite BOLD accessories: Stitch Fix necklace and new Nickel & Suede copper earrings.

Confession: I’ve owned this dress for years, bought it on sale at Gap, and have never worn it! Do you have any “new” old items hanging around your closet?    

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 18:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE BUTTONED ITEM
  • #wearwhatwherejune // GIRLY GINGHAM


Since I don’t have anything gingham, my plaid will have to do, plus it also meets the button down challenge. I might actually wear this outfit for Little One’s play group tomorrow. I’ve chosen simple accessories in shades of aqua. (Plaid: JC Penny, Tee: H&M, Shorts: American Eagle, Shoes: Target, Earrings: Nickel & Suede, Necklace: TJ Maxx)

Feedback time: Do you like these posts? Are they annoying? Are they inspirational? My goal is to post “real” outfits that fit into my lifestyle of sometimes date night, but mostly stay-at-home mom. I like following the style challenges because it gives me an idea to start with, then I can look through my clothes and put something together in a way I may not have thought of before. 

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 16:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE DENIM ITEM
  • #wearwhatwherejune // PINSPIRED


My outfit today is (P)inspired by the lovely Sandra Bullock (above).


I’m currently loving my olive denim (thrifted from Savers) paired with a basic black tank and accessorized with a chevron necklace from Stitch Fix.

Do you look to Pinterest for outfit inspiration? You can find almost anything on Pinterest!

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 15:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE FEMININE ITEM
  • #wearwhatwherejune // LINEN AND LACE


This blouse from Stitch Fix is probably the most feminine item I own (and haven’t worn yet!). Since I couldn’t find anything linen or lace, I’m counting the delicate mesh top of the blouse as lace.

Do you have lace in your feminine wardrobe?

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 11:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE ROMPER
  • #wearwhatwherejune // BELTED IN


I don’t own any rompers, but this little Dixieland Boutique dress is close, plus it has a built in tie for the Belted In challenge. As the weather gets hotter, grabbing a cute dress is an easy way to look presentable with little effort. I added some (old) necklaces and a pair of my go-to Nickel & Suede earrings (Scuba Blue is on sale this month, only $16!) to finish off the look.

Are you in on the romper trend?

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 10:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE STATEMENT NECKLACE
  • wearwhatwherejune // OVERSIZED


My favorite statement necklace is this blush/mint beauty from Stitch Fix. I love how it can be dressed up or down and paired with different colors. This oversized (super soft!) chambray came from Target and is a great piece to wear alone, layer over or under, and can also dress up or down.

Do you wear oversized tops and/or statement pieces? 

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 9:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE ACCESSORY
  • #wearwhatwherejune // SPLURGE VS. STEAL


My FAVE ACCESSORY has to be my Nickel & Suede silver chrome leather earrings. They are so lightweight and go with any outfit, I wear them all the time! In fact I love them so much I have 3 pairs on order (birthday gift from Hubby) and can’t wait to add them to the 2 pair I already have. At $21 I would also consider them a STEAL.

These gray skinny jeans are my STEAL at $19.99 – marked down from $44. As you can see from the tag, I’ve yet to wear them, but anticipate lots of use!

What are your favorite accessories? Do you splurge shop or go for the steal? 

IG Style Challenge

Challenge for June 7:

  • #wearwhatwherejune // WHITE OUT
  • (no challenge from #911style_challenge today)


So this is more of a “gray out” than a white out, but the closest I could get! I got this Loft dress from eBay and the flip flops are new (past season), but just took tags off from Old Navy.

What treasures are you finding in your closet these days?