Weekend Outfit

I’ve skipped the last few IG Style Challenges due to moving – my clothes are in boxes, totes and bags! We’re in between houses at the moment, staying with family, so the blog posts might be a bit sporadic until we’re settled in again. We did manage to get to a cookout this weekend and had a good time with friends.


I ended up adding a brown belt and swapping the flip flops for brown sandals. Tee and jacket are Stitch Fix, pants are thrifted from Savers, and earrings are Nickel & Suede.

Did any of you get a head start on 4th of July celebrations? 

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 15:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE FEMININE ITEM
  • #wearwhatwherejune // LINEN AND LACE


This blouse from Stitch Fix is probably the most feminine item I own (and haven’t worn yet!). Since I couldn’t find anything linen or lace, I’m counting the delicate mesh top of the blouse as lace.

Do you have lace in your feminine wardrobe?

Long Day Sunday


No IG Challenges this weekend, but I will do my best to start up again tomorrow. I wore the above outfit today to take Little One to a truck show (and managed to miss some spots with my sunscreen 😦 hello red shoulders and throat – ugh). We saw some great friends and cool trucks.

Shirt is Loft (from eBay), shorts (old TJMaxx or Marshalls), shoes (old) Old Navy, and a new pair of Nickel & Suede earrings.

How do you spend your summer Sundays? 

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 11:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE ROMPER
  • #wearwhatwherejune // BELTED IN


I don’t own any rompers, but this little Dixieland Boutique dress is close, plus it has a built in tie for the Belted In challenge. As the weather gets hotter, grabbing a cute dress is an easy way to look presentable with little effort. I added some (old) necklaces and a pair of my go-to Nickel & Suede earrings (Scuba Blue is on sale this month, only $16!) to finish off the look.

Are you in on the romper trend?

IG Style Challenges

If you missed it, check out my previous post for an explanation of what I’m doing here. 🙂

Challenges for June 2:

  • #911style_challenge // NEGLECTED SHOES
  • #wearwhatwherejune // GOLDEN GODDESS, SILVER SIREN


I opted to focus on SILVER SIREN with my earrings, scarf, and shoes. Earrings are Nickel & Suede.


My scarf is (old) from a small boutique, but has a really pretty silver thread running through it.


My NEGLECTED SHOES are actually from my wedding (4 years ago) and I’ve only recently begun to wear them again! They have a pretty silver sheen to them in the right lighting.

Do you ever build an outfit using a “theme” for inspiration? 

Trend Alert: Nickel & Suede Earrings

I’m not necessarily one to indulge in the latest trends, but I’ve been seeing these cool leather earrings all over Instagram lately. I wasn’t sure if they would be “me”, but I like the idea of supporting a mom/small-business owner so I gave in and ordered a pair from Nickel & Suede. They are supposed to be “life changing” due to the fact that they’re incredibly light weight. Let me tell you: they are SO light I can’t even feel them! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for stylish statement jewelry. I can already picture these earrings being my new go-to accessory.

These earrings are available in multiple sizes and colors; I’m wearing Silver Chrome in size small.

Which ones will you choose..? 

IMG_1693IMG_1676  IMG_1694