Finally Settling In


The last month has been pretty crazy. We sold a house, spent a few weeks in limbo, bought a house and finally two nights ago we moved in. I wasn’t able to do much blog updating, but hopefully now I can get back on track.

Stay tuned for another Stitch Fix review in about a week or so.

Also, on a personal note, about two weeks ago I went to a job interview. I’ve been struggling with the idea of going back to work, but I felt like this position (within the court system) would have been a great opportunity for me. This was the first interview I’ve been to in about three years, so I was really nervous, but I’m glad I went. I know the next one, whenever that might be, will be easier and hopefully I will find something right for me (and the family) when the time is right.

Do you find it difficult to balance work and family?