IG Style Challenges

If you missed it, check out my previous post for an explanation of what I’m doing here. 🙂

Challenges for June 2:

  • #911style_challenge // NEGLECTED SHOES
  • #wearwhatwherejune // GOLDEN GODDESS, SILVER SIREN


I opted to focus on SILVER SIREN with my earrings, scarf, and shoes. Earrings are Nickel & Suede.


My scarf is (old) from a small boutique, but has a really pretty silver thread running through it.


My NEGLECTED SHOES are actually from my wedding (4 years ago) and I’ve only recently begun to wear them again! They have a pretty silver sheen to them in the right lighting.

Do you ever build an outfit using a “theme” for inspiration? 

2 thoughts on “IG Style Challenges

  1. Very cool idea!! I have been going through my closet and drawers and wearing clothes I’ve owned for years rather than purchasing new things I do not need!! My selection is limited, however, I am breathing new life back into my old clothes and it feels amazing. Love reading your posts, blog, etc.

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