Weekend Outfit

I’ve skipped the last few IG Style Challenges due to moving – my clothes are in boxes, totes and bags! We’re in between houses at the moment, staying with family, so the blog posts might be a bit sporadic until we’re settled in again. We did manage to get to a cookout this weekend and had a good time with friends.


I ended up adding a brown belt and swapping the flip flops for brown sandals. Tee and jacket are Stitch Fix, pants are thrifted from Savers, and earrings are Nickel & Suede.

Did any of you get a head start on 4th of July celebrations? 

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 19:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE BOLD ITEM
  • #wearwhatwherejune // RED LIP CLASSIC


This little black dress is obviously for special occasions, but it’s the most CLASSIC thing in my closet. I’ve paired it with my favorite BOLD accessories: Stitch Fix necklace and new Nickel & Suede copper earrings.

Confession: I’ve owned this dress for years, bought it on sale at Gap, and have never worn it! Do you have any “new” old items hanging around your closet?    

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 18:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE BUTTONED ITEM
  • #wearwhatwherejune // GIRLY GINGHAM


Since I don’t have anything gingham, my plaid will have to do, plus it also meets the button down challenge. I might actually wear this outfit for Little One’s play group tomorrow. I’ve chosen simple accessories in shades of aqua. (Plaid: JC Penny, Tee: H&M, Shorts: American Eagle, Shoes: Target, Earrings: Nickel & Suede, Necklace: TJ Maxx)

Feedback time: Do you like these posts? Are they annoying? Are they inspirational? My goal is to post “real” outfits that fit into my lifestyle of sometimes date night, but mostly stay-at-home mom. I like following the style challenges because it gives me an idea to start with, then I can look through my clothes and put something together in a way I may not have thought of before. 

June 2015 Stitch Fix Review


Another month has come and gone, now it is Stitch Fix time again! I dare say this one could be the best yet. Almost all of the pieces are casual enough to wear out and about, but could also transition to work if/when I return to working full-time.

My request this time around was for more color and pattern, as I’ve come to realize most of my clothes are solids and stripes. I also mentioned wanting a denim jacket or vest. After opening the note from my stylist, Genniva, I knew right away that she listened to my previous feedback:

“Hey Heidi! I can’t believe I haven’t sent you any fun prints, yet! I’m going all prints today!”

I’m definitely pleased that I’ve been able to keep Genniva since my very first Fix, although if she keeps up the good work I’ll be in trouble! OK, here we go…

Sweet Rain – Hampton Split Neck Blouse $44

(This top has little abstract triangle shapes all over!)


Just USA  – Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket $58

(Jacket has a small amount of distressed detail)

Gilli – Alina Maxi Skirt $58


(Same jacket)


Pixley – Nelda Halter Blouse $44

(Sorry no picture w/o jacket – need proper undergarment!)


(I can already see this jacket getting TONS of use)


Skies are Blue – McFarlen Spaghetti Strap Blouse $38


Verdict: Yikes! Kept it all – AGAIN! I can’t help it, Genniva is nailing it. I’m so happy she listened to my request for fun colorful prints and a versatile denim jacket. Now for the breakdown: after the 25% discount (for keeping all 5 items) each item averages out to $32.30.

Like what you see? Schedule your own FIX

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 16:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE DENIM ITEM
  • #wearwhatwherejune // PINSPIRED


My outfit today is (P)inspired by the lovely Sandra Bullock (above).


I’m currently loving my olive denim (thrifted from Savers) paired with a basic black tank and accessorized with a chevron necklace from Stitch Fix.

Do you look to Pinterest for outfit inspiration? You can find almost anything on Pinterest!

Re-Entering the Working World: when, why, how..?


I’ve tried to start this post several times and keep deleting and beginning again. This is evidence of how jumbled the thoughts are in my head. I’m conflicted. I don’t want this post to sound negative, and any (positive) advice from those in a similar situation would be welcome.

For the past two years I’ve been blessed with the ability to stay home with my Little One. I’ve witnessed all her growth and changes and learning. I’m extremely grateful for my hard-working husband. I’m also very, very TIRED. People may not realize that being home also means I have a 30 pound (adorable) human hanging off me 90% of the day, following me into the bathroom, undoing any progress I make trying to clean the house…etc.  

I was once one of “those people” who thought stay-at-home moms had it made. In a way, we do, but if we’re not careful we also lose part of who we are/were. Do we ever go back to some version of the person we used to be? I’m struggling with the idea of wanting to work on myself while simultaneously feeling guilty about what that means for my Little One. After two years, the thought of someone else being in control (of what happens to her during the day) terrifies me. I also know that she will go to pre-school in another year whether or not I go back to work. Part of me struggles with the idea that because we don’t (financially) need me to have a career, if I do go back to work, would I essentially be choosing NOT to be with her? Cue the guilt card.

Another conflicting thought is that I want to be a strong role model. I realize that being home for her and taking care of her is setting a good example, but I also want her to learn to be hard-working and independent when she grows up. When I met my hubby I was working and putting myself through school to finish a degree I’d started years earlier. I never pictured myself as a stay-at-home mom because I’d always had a job and I never thought we would be able to afford it. I left my previous job when she was born because it involved shift work that didn’t coordinate with hubby’s crazy schedule and we didn’t live near available family. Now we do…I fear there may not be a “right” answer.

Little One has been doing well at her weekly structured play group. I don’t want our positive experience (at home) together thus far to end up holding her back by keeping her from interacting with other kids more often. Perhaps a few days a week at a structured daycare, mixed with a little family help, would actually be beneficial to her, and to me. I want to be a whole, happy mom (and wife)…

How do you know when or if it is the right time to go back to work? 

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 15:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE FEMININE ITEM
  • #wearwhatwherejune // LINEN AND LACE


This blouse from Stitch Fix is probably the most feminine item I own (and haven’t worn yet!). Since I couldn’t find anything linen or lace, I’m counting the delicate mesh top of the blouse as lace.

Do you have lace in your feminine wardrobe?

Long Day Sunday


No IG Challenges this weekend, but I will do my best to start up again tomorrow. I wore the above outfit today to take Little One to a truck show (and managed to miss some spots with my sunscreen 😦 hello red shoulders and throat – ugh). We saw some great friends and cool trucks.

Shirt is Loft (from eBay), shorts (old TJMaxx or Marshalls), shoes (old) Old Navy, and a new pair of Nickel & Suede earrings.

How do you spend your summer Sundays? 

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 11:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE ROMPER
  • #wearwhatwherejune // BELTED IN


I don’t own any rompers, but this little Dixieland Boutique dress is close, plus it has a built in tie for the Belted In challenge. As the weather gets hotter, grabbing a cute dress is an easy way to look presentable with little effort. I added some (old) necklaces and a pair of my go-to Nickel & Suede earrings (Scuba Blue is on sale this month, only $16!) to finish off the look.

Are you in on the romper trend?

IG Style Challenges

Challenges for June 10:

  • #911style_challenge // FAVORITE STATEMENT NECKLACE
  • wearwhatwherejune // OVERSIZED


My favorite statement necklace is this blush/mint beauty from Stitch Fix. I love how it can be dressed up or down and paired with different colors. This oversized (super soft!) chambray came from Target and is a great piece to wear alone, layer over or under, and can also dress up or down.

Do you wear oversized tops and/or statement pieces?