My Favorite Style Blogs


The internet is loaded with fashion and style blogs, from the everyday to the outrageous. I want to share a few of my favorites that are down to earth and budget-friendly! They can be found several places; on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook…etc. Below is a list, along with excerpts from their websites.


About J’s Everyday Fashion

Imagine a fashion magazine full of women just like us – moms, college students, professionals, in all shapes and sizes, on a budget and dressing for the challenges of everyday life. There would be no models, no Photoshop, no fancy backdrops, just real women talking real fashion. I want that magazine to be a reality someday. For now, I bring you J’s Everyday Fashion. Not a personal style blog, but the study of one girl’s closet.

How far can you make a small (couple hundred dollars a month) budget stretch? Do the trends and outfits we see in magazines really hold up in real life? I share it all with you here – the failed attempts, the experiments, the successes, what I wear to events in my own life, but also what I might wear if I were in your shoes (working in an office, being a mom, etc.).

This website is all about empowering women – to give them fashion without the frills, that hopefully you can use and apply to your life in a very practical way. And someday… I’ll bring you that magazine, too 🙂


About the Blog
I’ve always loved shopping and style, and after discovering style blogs in April 2011 all of that inspiration gave me an itch to rework my closet and let my style evolve. To what, exactly? I didn’t know, so I started this blog in June 2011 to help me figure it out.

While Putting Me Together started out as a fun outlet to grow my style, along the way it has grown into a resource for other women to do the same. I’ve seen a lot of women overwhelmed and distressed about clothes and disheartened about their bodies, and my hope is that this blog relieves some of that. I believe every person deserves to feel great about themselves. Whether you already think style is fun or whether you feel “style challenged,” this blog aims to make style accessible to everyone.


I’m Steph, a 25-year-old Physician Assistant, and a self-proclaimed frugal fashionista. I’m living on a budget, and love to shop within my own closet! I draw inspiration from J.Crew style books, classic icons like Audrey and Jackie, and from my beautiful friends – like you! You will more often find me in flats rather than heels (I’m already 5’11.5″!), and I am an unapologetic nail polish collector. I consider stripes, polka dots and leopard print to be neutrals, love a cold can of Diet Coke, and feel just a little bit more “alive” during Steeler season. I recently graduated from PA school, passed my boards, and landed my first job. Follow along to see what I am wearing to work in the world of clinical medicine!


Classy Yet Trendy is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I’m a college graduate of Jacksonville State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems and work as an accountant. I trade in the Stock Market and also do graphic designing.

Blogging is my passion! I started Classy Yet Trendy in July 2014 to share my passion for everything about style. Classy Yet Trendy shows you the latest affordable and current fashion trends. I share how I mix and match the current trends with wardrobe staples and accessories to create outfits.

Do you read style blogs? I hope you find some inspiration, like I do, from these lovely, stylish ladies! Happy reading.


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