“Free” shopping on eBay


Okay, so it’s not really free to shop on eBay.

However, you can strategically rid your closet of old/unworn clothes, sell them on eBay to earn some PayPal dollars, then shop for “free” using the PayPal money you just earned!

Recently I sold a few dresses that I hadn’t worn in over 3 years. In addition to creating a little space in my closet, selling those items let me buy a few “new” dresses guilt free!

I like to shop for brands I’m familiar with to reduce the risk of an item not fitting. On the off chance I don’t like something, I can just sell it myself and try my search again. Sometimes I’m even able to find new items that still have their tags.

Below are 2 dresses I can’t wait to wear (if it ever warms up around here!) because they are so comfortable, and the olive green one even has pockets! The colors are pretty neutral, but with some bright accessories I’ll be good to go 🙂


off white/gray dress from the LOFT


olive green dress from BANANA REPUBLIC

Do you buy and/or sell on eBay? 

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