Spring Thinking


After a particularly brutal New England winter, it’s refreshing to finally see plants sprouting, daffodils blooming and sun shining. This long awaited weather has also gotten me thinking about how to enjoy the little bits of everyday life.


As I look outside and see all the flowers I’m reminded of that old saying, “stop and smell the roses” – sounds simple, right? But who actually takes the time to do that? I know I seldom do. So easily I’m caught up in getting where I need to go, doing what needs to be done, but do I ever just stop and look around and enjoy something as simple as a pretty flower in the yard? Not lately. Spring is a time to renew, refresh and reinvent. I’m going to make a point to see the beauty in the simple things.


Every year Hubby and I say, “we’re going to do more fun stuff this year” and each year comes and goes with work, parenting, exhaustion all getting in the way…2015 is going to be the year we actually live like we mean it! Little One is getting older, so she can also enjoy more adventures with us this year – no more excuses. I challenge you to slow down and try to love the little things!