DIY: Up-cycled Toddler Dress


Thanks to Pinterest, and my new sewing machine, I’ve had tons of ideas for DIY projects lately. Today’s post is about utilizing an old “onesie” that’s too small/short, but still fits the arm/chest area, for the top portion of the dress. An old women’s t-shirt is used as the bottom of the dress.

Simply cut the bottom portion of the onesie off, just above the leg holes. Then cut the bottom half of the t-shirt, depending on the desired length of your dress. (This is where a before picture would be handy, sorry!) With the onesie right side out, and the t-shirt upside down and inside out, match up the cut ends and pin. Sew the pieces together, removing pins as you go, then flip down the t-shirt part of the dress. Done!

Since I neglected to take a picture of the “dress” while it was in two pieces, the below photo shows the unused parts.


The best part about using a t-shirt for the bottom of the dress is that it’s already hemmed! I plan to make more of these little creations, practicing as I go, so I will post better tutorials with more photos soon.

Do you “up-cycle” or repurpose your old clothing? 

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