DIY: Simple Scarf Turned Infinity


Although I really want to take a sewing class, today I attempted to fumble around using my mom’s sewing machine. I know next to nothing about sewing, so this post may or may not be very clear, but I still want to share!


Since the material of this scarf is so thin, it was really easy to simply sew one straight line! I folded the scarf in half, so the 2 short ends met (with the “wrong” side of the material facing up), then sewed them together all the way across. I was careful to keep my stitching as close to the natural edge/seam as I could.


Then all I had to do was flip it back so the “right” side of the material was facing out. The seam is almost invisible, especially once I’m wearing it.

I definitely plan to practice sewing, when I do I will share some better projects with you.

Do you sew your own clothing and/or accessories? 

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