Next Stitch Fix – due 3/25

My next (3rd) Stitch Fix delivery is just around the corner! Once it arrives on my front step, I will post a full review with pictures and info on each of the 5 items.

I want to take a few minutes now to clarify a few things about Stitch Fix, for those of you who may be “on the fence” about signing up. I’m not posting this to be pushy, I just really enjoy the service!

1. Stitch Fix does NOT require automatic delivery. You can choose a shipment every few months, or if you have a special occasion coming up, or you can opt for monthly delivery if you truly love it.

2. You can fill out your style profile WITHOUT being obligated to place an order. Completing the profile actually helped me focus on what I was looking for, and also showed me what I didn’t like (in case you aren’t sure what your style is).

3. If you decide to order, you’re only risking the $20 styling fee. The shipping both ways is free. If you decide to keep any of your 5 items, that $20 styling fee will be deducted from your invoice. I don’t know about you, but I’d probably end up spending $20 on gas and useless junk if I tried shopping at the mall.

Now, having said all that, if you DO want to try Stitch Fix I’d highly recommend creating a Pinterest board with a title like Stitch Fix Style Inspiration. There is a place on the style profile to add your Pinterest link – this allows your stylist to get a better sense of the trends you love. This will make a huge difference! The style profile is a great tool, but adding your Pinterest will show your stylist exactly what you like. If you do this, be specific in the comment area under the picture you’re pinning. I once pinned an outfit for the shirt, but did not like the excessively ripped jeans, so I made sure I wrote something like “cute shirt, don’t like the distressed jeans” – that way my stylist won’t think I like that denim trend. Seems obvious, but the details are helpful.

I did not have my Pinterest linked for my first “fix” and after linking it (before I received my 2nd) I could see a big difference; the items I received in my 2nd batch were much more “me”. At first I was skeptical whether or not they actually look, but the personalized stylist note referred to one of my favorite colors, so I know she looked at my Pinterest.


I hope this post is helpful. Have you scheduled your Fix yet? 

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