DIY Update: Fabric Art


Let me preface this by saying that this is probably the least technical way to make fabric art. For my trial run I didn’t want to use the frames I bought this weekend, so I started with a cheap, plastic frame I had on hand.



I started this project by taking a plain, black frame apart then sanding it lightly to take the shine off.


Next, I used an Antique White spray paint on the front and back of the frame.


I also used the sandpaper to very lightly scuff the white paint, just enough to take the super shiny finish off.


Then comes the fabric! I cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the frame. Next, I cut a piece of cardboard (from a soda can carton) to fit the inside area of the frame. Once the fabric was centered on the cardboard, I wrapped it (like a present) and secured the folded edges with masking tape.


Finally, I placed the fabric-wrapped cardboard into the frame (behind the glass), then attached the frame backing. I will post more pictures as I get better at these projects!

Do you create DIY artwork? 

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